The notable arcade and computer game brand Atari has reported an intriguing broadening – it is going into the lodging industry. Obviously, tracking down an upstanding arcade machine in lodging isn’t frightfully troublesome as bunches of inns around the globe have gaming rooms. Be that as it may, an arcade-themed inn? 

Atari and its accomplices accept there is a market as the arrangement is to open eight in different urban areas across the US. The principal will be in Phoenix, with work expected to begin later in the year. The other arranged areas for the new lodgings incorporate Chicago, Las Vegas, Austin, Denver San Francisco, Seattle, and San Jose. 

Arcade Games – Pinball machines – Game Tables – Air Hockey – Foosball Tables – Dart machines – Jukeboxes

There aren’t numerous subtleties of what’s in store, however, Atari is promising its new inns will engage gamers, all things considered. It additionally says the lodgings will highlight current gaming innovations including VR and AR, in addition to some, will be set up to have e-games. 

It’s an intriguing idea, despite the fact that Atari’s new inns won’t be the first to have a gaming subject. In the event that you are visiting the Netherlands or Taiwan, you would already be able to remain in a gaming inn. 

The Arcade Hotel – Amsterdam, the Netherlands 

The Arcade Hotel in Amsterdam professes to be the world’s first gaming inn. It is centered for the most part around computer game consoles, with each room containing two consoles including both a cutting edge and a retro variant. The lodging additionally has a computer game library where you can acquire games. 

Furthermore, there is likewise a gaming room with more consoles in the event that you lean toward a more friendly gaming experience. 

Shouldn’t something be said about the actual inn, however? It gets 3.5 stars on TripAdvisor and has every one of the highlights of a cutting-edge in, including eating offices. The rooms look very rich as well. 

I Hotel – Taoyuan, Taiwan 

The focal point of the I Hotel in Taiwan is PC gaming – there are two superior gaming PCs in each room with enormous screens and gaming seats. 

There are additionally gaming PCs in the anteroom. Truth be told, you don’t need to remain at the inn to encounter gaming at the I Hotel as it offers hourly rates to play the entryway PCs. 

Like The Arcade Hotel in Amsterdam, the rooms look rich, in addition to the arrangement of the entryway is a gamers’ heaven.

What might be said about Arcade Machines? 

You will have seen that arcade games are not high on the need rundown of the two gaming-themed inns that as of now exist on the planet. Will Atari’s be any extraordinary? With the organization’s set of experiences, ideally so. 

While you are hanging tight for your opportunity to book a stay at one of the new lodgings, why not gander at getting your own arcade machine so you can play at whatever point you need to? Look at our reach today.


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